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February 16, 2018

Beach Bag Essentials For A Carefree #IslandLife This Summer

Why do you need beach bag essentials, you ask? Well, the #islandlife is fun, laidback, and carefree–but that doesn’t mean you won’t bring your stuff with you,right? This can get tricky because there are 3 concerns you want to address: the heat, where to put your things, and how to function without an electrical outlet. (Let’s be real here, we know you want your phone to be juiced-up.) All of this while still looking Instagram perfect.

So here’s a list of things you need to bring so you can maximize your island experience with these beach bag essentials.


High-Quality Sunblock

When it comes to skin protection, we don’t play games, so should you. Get yourself a high-quality sunblock that will protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Beach Hut sunblock‘s our personal skin armor of choice because it has 100++ SPF.

Snack and Drinks

No island getaway is complete without snacks and drinks you can munch on while hopping from island to island! We like Sunburst’s drinks paired with chips, a f

Chic Accessories

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We’re talking about a good pair of classic sunnies or a straw hat–they work with any outfit.

Trustworthy Beach Towel

Who goes to the beach without taking a dip? Not us! Never ever forget to bring your towel with you ’cause it’ll be hard to dry yourself without one. Our go-to is this Sea to Summit pocket towel ’cause it doesn’t occupy too much space inside the bag.

Denim Shorts


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In our experience, you don’t really need a change of clothes after taking a dip. You just put a good ‘ol pair of denim shorts on top of your swimsuit after drying yourself and you’re good to go–ready for the party at the beach club in front of your hotel.

Battery Savior

Power banks are daily life essentials by now.  Even if there’s no signal in some beaches, we still need our phones to take photos, and when our phones run out of juice? *cue panic music* Here’s our pick, so you can charge your phone (or any gadget) in style.

The Beach Bag

This depends on your personal style but we recommend this infinity bag if you prefer function over style (and if you’re a fan of monochrome). If you like something more boho and stylish, here’s our pick.  Overall, you chosen beach bag should fit your essentials, keep your things protected, and look well with all your outfits.

Here are our top Philippine beach destinations for you:




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