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January 1, 2018

Let These Travel Resolutions Help You Be A Better Traveler

You’ve mapped out your plans and goals for the year, but have you started on your travel resolutions yet? Kick off your new adventures and put your best foot forward with these travel resolutions that will help you become a better, wiser traveler this year.

Be a responsible traveler

Act with respect and consideration and always remember that you’re visiting someone else’s home. Choose ethical tours that won’t harm your destination’s locals and their environment. Walk if you can so you minimize your carbon footprint, or take public transportation.

Pack smarter and lighter

A lighter luggage means you can save up on the extra expenses you incur from an overweight luggage. Pick a good but small luggage that will restrict you from packing too much. Pack only what you need and learn how to skip the certain items that will only bulk up your luggage, like a pair of heels or an extra pair of jeans.

Unplug from technology


While you would, understandably, prefer to share your trip with family and friends online, try to build little pockets of gadget-free time so you can fully enjoy your trip with minimal distractions. Disable social media and email notifications, explore without the help of Google Maps, avoid sending real-time updates through messaging apps.

Interact with locals

Research ahead and be mindful about the culture and traditions of your destination. Pick up a few basic phrases in the local dialect and further enrich your trip by talking with the locals. Oftentimes, they have the best travel tips and interesting stories to share, things that will definitely turn your trip into something more memorable.

Stay Fit

Most people let themselves indulge when traveling, whether it’s frequently dining out or drinking too much. Don’t forget to pull back a little this year by trying to eat healthier. You can also inject some exercises while you’re out traveling – it will do you good, whether it’s squeezing in a morning run before that breakfast buffet, or doing some yoga stretches after a long day of wandering.

Be more spontaneous

It’s okay to plan your trip down to the very smallest details, but take note that it’s also fun to break the rules once in awhile. Give yourself a day to explore without a map or an itinerary and enjoy the pleasant surprises that will come your way!

Spend wisely

It’s easy to lose track of your travel budget when you’re on the road, especially if you’d like to skip some travel FOMO. Remember that travel is about experiences and not so much about the material things, so keep an eye out for meaningful moments that won’t necessarily rob your wallet. It won’t hurt to forego that fancy dinner and champagne for a night of street food.

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