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The World’s Most Underrated Foodie Destinations


One of the most satisfying, fun ways of discovering your destination is through eating its local cuisine. It’s a different kind of adventure that requires different senses: the way your food was prepared and how it looks like, the mix of ingredients and how they smell together, and eventually, the moment you take a bite of this dish.

Cities like Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo or New York City are well-known for as foodie capitals, but if you’re hungry for something else, then we’ve got you covered.

Berlin, Germany


berlin food

Berlin is a hotbed for creativity, and this certainly reflects in their exciting foodie scene. Check out  Markthalle Neun, a historical market hall from 1891 that was reopened in 2009 by dedicated locals.  Aside from offering local goods and fresh regional produce, you can also sample delicious dishes and snacks from different stalls during Street Food Thursday, which runs from 5PM to 10PM weekly. And because you’re in Germany, you might as well wash it all down with a pint of beer from their on-site craft brewery, the Heidenpeters.

Tel Aviv, Israel



Israel is famous for cultivating variations of produce, like cherry tomatoes and seedless bell peppers. Take advantage of these fresh ingredients and start your day right with salads, cheeses and freshly-baked bread topped with natural jams. When you’re done with breakfast, head off to Shuk HaCarmel, a food and farmers bazaar home to various items such as spices and souvenirs. Heading out to lunch or dinner? Tel Aviv is all about unique food experiences, with restaurants catering to “foodography”, where food is served complete with lighting and plating arranged for optimum food photography, while there are others who go out of the box with a no-plate service.

Siem Reap, Cambodia



Khmer food might not be the first thing you think about when you hear the words Southeast Asian cuisine, so it remains to be one of the region’s well-kept secret. Khmer food is inexpensive, flavorful and exciting: there’s chicken amok, a local take on the ubiquitous curry, filled with spices and coconut milk; lap Khmer, a beef salad prepared ceviche-style; or nom banh chok, a dish consisting of rice noodles and fish-based green curry, flavored with kaffir lime, lemongrass and turmeric.

Trento, Italy



Want a beautiful view to go with your meal? Northern Italy’s Trento might be the one for you. Aside from boasting picturesque mountain views and having the highest quality of life in Italy, Trento is also known for its Lagrein, a type of red wine produced in the region. Feast on regional cheese like the puzzone di moena dop and spressa delle guidicaire dop; or meat products such as ciuighe the potty, a type of sausage prepared with turnips, and carne salada or salted meat. You can also check out its wineries, but make sure you book an appointment so the owner or the family can accommodate you with a tour.

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