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How To Enjoy A Business Trip

A business trip may seem more like work than vacation, but who says you can’t have both? Here are 4 ways you can treat yourself and combine business with pleasure:

Prepare all your work-related things

You don’t want unnecessary headaches during your trip so make sure you prepare everything. We’re talking about your mobile phone, powerbank, laptop, chargers, earphones or headphones, batteries, flash drives, important papers, and even the report or proposal you have to present during your trip (if any). You want to make this business trip as seamless as possible, so make sure to do all the preparation you can do beforehand.

Maximize your stay

Try to squeeze in some vacation elements when you’re off the clock: a sightseeing tour on a weekend, a quick morning run, a relaxing dinner at a local restaurant. You don’t have to do big, touristy things in order for you to enjoy the destination. Your downtime outside of business obligations is for you to enjoy, so make sure you make the most out of it.

Looking to extend your business trip into a leisure trip? If you can stay for another day or two, you can choose to explore hotel options outside the hotel your company booked you in. Switching to a hotel that will better suit your leisure needs will help you kickstart the vacation that you want.

Plan your schedule smartly

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Going on a business trip doesn’t mean you have to do business the whole time you’re there. You can schedule meetings during certain time blocks, like between 10AM to 4PM, then leave your mornings and afternoons free for personal or leisure activities you’d like to do.

If you’re loaded with meetings, you can opt to have it offsite and do it outside the typical office setting. A quiet coffee shop or a park will be good options, but you can also turn meetings into meals to make them more enjoyable.

Another option is to get the first flight of the day so you can have some time for yourself and include a few hours of sightseeing or relaxation. If you’re too busy to actually map out an itinerary outside of your business trip, you can also try to secure a good room so you can at least come home to a satisfying view.

Take note of expenses

Make sure you don’t mix your expenses, so you can clearly distinguish which expenses are for reimbursement or for business and which ones should fall under leisure travel expenses. You should also keep receipts so you’ll have something for later reference.

Bring the family or meet with friends

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You can also opt to extend the business trip and turn it into a family vacation. While your company will definitely not shoulder the expenses of your family vacation, having them around is a good motivation for you to get things done and get them done well before you start the vacation leg of your trip.

If you have friends in town, try to meet up with them for some coffee to catch up. You can also choose to have dinner or a leisurely brunch to make it more fun.

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