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The 6 Essential Gadgets You Need For Your Vacations

Gadgets make our lives easier but when you’re in vacation mode, it’s best to minimize your to-bring list. We break it down to the bare minimum, ’cause honestly, do you really need a bag full of gadgets for all your travels?  It’s unpractical and unsafe. You don’t want to worry about all of them during your sweet rest and relaxation time.

So without further ado, here are the 6 essential gadgets you need when you’re vacationing–whether it’s in the beaches of the Philippines or alongside the cobblestone streets of Paris.

Smartphone For Multitasking

We have been dependent on smartphones for our day-to-day lives, so it goes without saying that it’s also essential to our travels. One, it keeps you connected. Two, it serves as a map. Three, it can take photos and videos.

Note: Of course, the smartphone has more uses but we encourage you to relish your vacation time. So if you can, also keep your smartphone to the bare minimum.

Powerbank For Limitless Gadget Use

Gadgets run out of juice, it’s just a fact of life, but you can fight it if you have a powerbank with you. Just make sure you charge it before going out!

Universal Adaptor For Worry-Free Electricity Use

International travel means you’ll encounter different electrical outlets. To deal with that inconvenience, get yourself an international plug adaptor.

Wi-Fi hotspot To Stay Connected

Wi-Fi in airports and other public places can’t be trusted and are not always guaranteed but if you have a portable router/pocket wifi, it is. You can either rent this or just buy one and insert a sim card. (you can buy it at the airport of your vacation destination) The one in the photo can even reduce this list to five items instead of six because it doubles as a powerbank!

Headphones To Keep You Peaceful Or Entertained

Noise-canceling headphones are the best for long-haul flights, but if that’s too pricey then other headphones or earphones will do. You’ll need it for watching movies or listening to music/podcasts/audiobooks.

USB Flash Drive To Save Important Files And Transfer Media

When emergency situations arise, like, if your phone suddenly dies or gets broken, everything that’s in it goes with it. Important files should all be in a flash drive for safekeeping. (Aside from the photocopies, of course.) This one in particular also frees up your phone space, it can transfer your photos and videos straight from your phone to flash drive for extra memory!

Bonus: Protective Cases For Your Gadgets

It’s technically not a gadget, but it keeps your gadgets protected. Some are scratchproof, weatherproof, and even waterproof! This is important because travel brings unpredictable situations. Trust us, better safe than sorry!

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