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Safety Tips For The Solo Female Traveler

Solo Travel is definitely on the rise as more people are invested in traveling. Men can do it without qualms or fears but women may need a little more help and guidance. This is because not all countries are “female-friendly”, this is sad but true. However, this shouldn’t stop women from traveling solo. It can be done with a bit of research and a handful of tips!

Here are things you need to know if you’re a woman planning to travel alone.

Read about the culture’s view of women

The country’s culture says a lot about how they treat women, including how they treat foreign women. Whether or not you agree with it, you have to respect. It’s part of traveling and the experience.

Trust your instincts

We believe in a woman’s gut feel. If there’s a slight hint of discomfort, flee from the situation. No regrets, your safety is more important.

Mind the booze

Never ever get wasted when you’re traveling alone in a country, even if you meet a new friend while you’re there. Better safe than sorry. Overall, try not go out after 10 pm alone. If it can’t be helped, do all the necessary precautions.

Confidence is key

Walk with your back straight and head held high. This makes you less of a target.

Join group tours

It can get lonely. Meeting a local guide, plus new travelers is a great way for you to know the country, its people, and the people who travel there.

Ask from friends and family

Your destination country might have a friend or family member already living in it. If possible, meet them on the first few days of your trip so you get an insider’s view of the country. They’ll tell you the best places to go to, give you tips, and will be your lifeline when things get shaky.

Know the popular scams

Scams are everywhere no matter where you are in the world, best to read up on them and know the modus behind each scam so you know how to deal with them.

Give regular updates

Always tell someone your day’s travel plans. It’s better if you’re specific but it’s not necessary. If you changed your plans, best to let them know too. You can also utilize social media. However, don’t check in at every single place you go to as people can also track you through that. Just make sure the important people in your life know where you are.

Make sure belongings are secure

Prevention is better than cure. Before even venturing out to your travel destination solo check if your belongings are secure. Is your luggage sturdy? Are your locks durable? Are your credit cards scam-proof? Is your RFID protected? If you double check these, you can prevent a lot of mishaps from happening.

Be a little creative

Have a dummy wallet, have an alter ego for when a creepy person comes up, use a cheap phone (for maps, directions, bookings, etc.), separate big bills from small bills, put jewelry in a tampon container. These are just some of the creative hacks we scoured from the interwebs but surely, you can come up with more.

Enjoy every single moment

Don’t let fear steal your funk. Be alert but don’t assume. Not everyone has plans. It’s always a matter of balance. Have fun traveling solo and you’ll definitely get the hang of it!

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