July 31, 2017

How Off-Peak Travel Can Be Good for You

Off-peak travel often gets a bad rap: the season is not the best for traveling (it’s either raining or snowing, depending on which side of the world you’re visiting) and some of the attractions might even be closed in for repair and restoration. There, is however, some good perks to be gained, should you take a chance and decide to explore during the off-peak season.

It’s more affordable


Image Credit: Donald Tong


Image Credit: Donald Tong

Because there are lesser travelers during this period, accommodations usually resort to slashing off their prices to attract travelers to book with them. Even branded hotels will be a bit more affordable, giving you the opportunity to finally snag that luxurious room you’ve been eyeing on.


Image Credit: Fancycrave

Flight tickets will also be cheaper, and if you’re lucky, you might even be upgraded to business class for free as there are empty seats potentially waiting to be filled.

Less crowds to deal with

Less tourists mean less crowds to deal with, which, in turn, also means less queue in attractions, restaurants, train or bus stations and even at the airport. While there’s no guarantee that everything will be smooth, at the very least you have a better chance of efficiently budgeting your time.


Image Credit: Sabri Tuzcu

Locals are also more laid back and willing to lend a hand to tourists. During peak season, enterprising locals are either too busy trying to make money off you or they’re too stressed and/or harassed with the influx of tourists in their hometown. In off-peak season, locals will have more time on their hands so take advantage of this by reaching out to them and learning about their stories and travel tips.


Image Credit: Andre Benz

Your photos will also look better, with no other tourists getting in the way and photobombing your view. Snap the picture for your Instagram and then bask in the perfect moment of having an attraction all to yourself!

Better service and authentic experiences all around

Sightseeing tours become more accessible, with less travel time and waiting time involved. Guides will be more attentive to you and you have more opportunities to interact and learn more from them, as you don’t have to share them with more tourists and they don’t need to keep any eye out on a big group.


Image Credit: Redd Angelo


Image Credit: Redd Angelo

You also get to see the place as it really is. You have more chances of understanding the culture, the way the locals deal with their daily lives and the joys and challenges that come with it. Make good use of this by going beyond pretty pictures and interacting with them.

Main Image Credit: Andrew Branch

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