Packing Tips

July 21, 2017

Packing Checklist for Your Next Vacation

We’ve said it time and again: packing the right items the right way is crucial. Avoid putting it off at the last minute by following these tried and tested tips:

A quality luggage


It all starts with a good, sturdy luggage that will stand the wear and tear of travel. Invest in a reliable brand like Tumi, famous for an impressive selection of luxury luggage and lifestyle accessories.

The proper gear

Don’t be the traveler who throws their items haphazardly in one go – be the one who organizes her items wisely.

Snap up some handy items from Eagle Creek, such as the Pack-It Spectre Compression Cube which provides more space savings, or the Pack-It Clean Dirty Cubes which features one side for clean clothes and another side for soiled or worn items. Eagle Creek also offers organizers like the Pack-It Cinch Organizer or the Pack-It Slim Kit for your toiletries, accessories and makeup.

Your favorite camera


Traveling is the perfect time to flex your photography muscles! Whether you’re a newbie, a hobbyist or a professional photographer, you’ll find a camera that suits your needs with Fujifilm’s range of award-winning cameras. Access Travel and Tours Inc’s Angely Dub recommends the Fujifilm XT20, the latest in the brand’s line of mirrorless digital cameras.

The right travel wardrobe

travel wardrobe

If you’re heading to somewhere warm and sunny, don’t forget to pick up a good pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes. Check out Eye Society for its range of lifestyle eyewear, Beyond the Beach for unique swimwear designs, and All Flip-Flops for a pair of flip-flops that come with personality. Heading to a winter wonderland? North Face specializes in activewear and outdoor sports gear.

A reliable back-up bag

Packable Duffel in Blue Sea

Filipinos are notorious for bringing too much pasalubong home, so be proactive and prepare ahead with an extra bag. Eagle Creek also offers Packable Duffel, a durable lightweight option for when you want a reliable back-up that won’t weigh you down.

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