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February 23, 2018

7 Travel Splurges Worth Paying For

Sticking to your travel budget is one of the most important things you need to do when traveling. There are, however, some areas where you can treat yourself to an upgrade – you’re on vacation after all! Below, some expert tips on when and where to splurge when traveling:

High-quality luggage

Sometimes splurging happens before you even book your flights. A durable but light luggage is the first step to making sure you won’t encounter any broken luggage mishaps along the way. Make sure you’re investing in the proper luggage for you and double check the zippers and the wheels before purchase. Another item to splurge on? Compression packing cubes, to keep your packed items organized. Click here to buy these things! 

Note: While you’re at it, make sure your luggage are protected! Check out Wanderskye!

Seat Upgrade

A long trip in a cramped seat will leave you uncomfortable, cranky and tired, so pay up and get an upgrade to premium economy if you can. Keep an eye out for upgrade emails from your airline so you can get the best rate, then enjoy that ten hour flight with your extra leg room. If you have an extra room in your budget, you can go for business class

Unique travel experiences

Experiences are what makes travel special. The range of activities you can sign up for depends on what kind of traveler you are: shopaholics will enjoy an excursion to a traditional souk, a foodie will go for a cooking lesson with a local, while a nature lover will pick an obscure hiking trail. Overwhelmed by the amount of information online? Travel agencies like Access Travel can help you craft the perfect itinerary.

A Reliable Pocket Wifi

This goes without saying. A stable internet connection makes traveling easier (and safer). Rent a pocket wifi from sites like Flytpack so you’re connected 24/7.

Extra Baggage

Do you really want to pay extra money for baggage? Get this in advance, especially if you know you’ll buy a lot of things!

One meal to remember

It doesn’t even have to be at a luxurious, top-rated restaurant! It can be something simple but comforting, like hot chocolate and fresh croissant in a Parisian cafe or yakisoba in a family-owned restaurant in Japan. Define what makes a special meal for you and treat yourself to that experience.

A special souvenir

While there’s a huge chance that you will end up going home with some cheap but fun souvenirs like a snow globe or a magnet, do leave some room for a travel memento you won’t get anywhere else. Maybe it’s a small piece of art from a street artist, a handwoven rug made by a local, or a signed edition of your favorite book – pick your poison and go home extra happy.

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