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July 18, 2017

What to Do When Traveling to Taipei

One of Asia’s emerging destinations in the East, Taipei is a pleasant surprise worth discovering. Check out our list of must-do’s should you find yourself in Ilha Formosa!

Go on a food trip in Shilin Night Market

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One of the capital’s main draws is its plethora of street markets that will keep you busy come nighttime. The best way to make the most of you visit? By going on a food trip! Shilin Night Market is one of Taipei’s largest and most popular night markets, offering a variety of local and international cuisines, along with other bargains like clothes, accessories and shoes.

Take a trip down memory lane


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Taipei is a city beaming with pride and this is something that’s represented even with the way they showcase their history. Visit Tamsui District for folk art shops and antique goods, then head to Wualai Street for native products from indigenous tribes and authentic local cuisine. You can also check out Da Dao Cheng for more nostalgia.

Get creative


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The Taiwanese are a creative bunch, and the best way to appreciate this is to check out their museums and creative parks. While the former will typically offer traditional art and history, the latter is Taipei’s take on a multi-purpose venue highlighting local talent. Expect vintage chic interiors and exciting merchandise, art and concepts from Taiwanese creatives.

Visit the Longshan Temple


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Part of Taiwan’s appeal is its rich culture, and its spiritual heart lies in Taipei’s Longshan Temple. This temple is often busy with a crowd of locals and monks paying their respect to Daoist gods, the temple usually thick with a cloud of incense and peaceful traditional music. Watch and participate by asking a kind Taiwanese to show you the local way of praying, an activity that usually entails throwing crescent wood blocks on the ground.

Take a hike


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Taipei, despite being a bustling city, is  surrounded by mountains. When you’re done stuffing yourself silly with food and exploring the local sights, take some time to experience some of Taiwan’s legendary natural landscapes. 45 minutes away from Taipei is Yangmingshan National Park, where you can hike up mountains or walk around a hiking trail.

elephant mountain

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Want to stick to the city? Check out Elephant Mountain, also known as the Nangang District Hiking Trail, a popular hike trail that will reward you with an impressive view of Taipei.

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