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September 14, 2017

What to Eat in Europe

Europe, with its diverse culture and traditions, also celebrates an excitingly diverse range of cuisine. Here’s a quick list of the best food to try in which European country:

Pizza in Italy

If you want to be specific about it, Neapolitan pizza in Naples, Italy! This city invented and perfected the craft of making a pizza, so you know you’re in good hands.

Image Credit: Olivia’s Cuisine

While there are many pizzerias to choose from, some of the most recommended spots are L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, labeled by journalists as the “Sacred Temple of Pizza”; Pizzeria Brandi, famous for creating the Margherita pizza in 1889; and Pizzeria di Matteo, where you can choose to have your pizza as a convenient takeaway.

Waffles in Belgium

Image Credit: Jacqueline Chen

Waffles in Belgium are considered to be street food, wrapped in a piece of paper and eaten with your hands. It comes in two versions – the Liege, a chewy waffle with melted sugar and the Brussels, a fluffier waffle with deeper pockets. Keep an eye out for Vitalgaufre, Maison Dandoy, Peck 47 or the Le Funambule, reliable establishments serving up some of the best waffles in Brussels.

Steak and kidney pie in England

Image Credit: TimeOut London

Aside from making tea time a crucial afternoon activity, the Brits also specialize in a savory pie known as the steak and kidney pie. A perfect steak and kidney pie should come with chunks of meat, flavorful gravy and a flaky crust. In London, drop by Rules, the city’s oldest restaurant; The Windmill, with its award-winning take on a classic; or The Guinea Grill, a historic pub serving the masses since 1423.

Pastel de nata in Portugal

Image Credit: Visit Lisboa

Portugal’s famous egg custard tart is locally known as pastel de nata, typically found in historic pastry shops that have stood the test of time. Head to Lisbon’s Pasteis de Belem, going all the way back to 1837 and famously known as the original purveyor of the Portuguese tart. It’s so special that only six people and three master bakers have access to the closely-guarded secret recipe.

Gyro in Greece

Image Credit: Greek Boston

A gyro is a pita wrap usually served with meat, onion, tomato and tzatziki sauce. In Athens, you’ll find Bairaktaris Taverna, a restaurant serving up great Greek food since the late 19th century; while in Santorini, you can drop by Obelix for a tasty but affordable lunch. Gyro is best eaten with a hearty side, like chips and hummus, potato wedges, or if you’re after something warm, a Mediterranean soup.

Macarons in France

Sure, Lauduree is already available in Manila, but eating a macaron in its home country makes up for a more memorable experience.

Image Credit: Blooms by Bethan

Get ready to stuff yourself silly in Pierre Hermé, helmed by the world’s best pastry chef in the 2016 edition of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants guide; Hugo & Victor, for a natural and organic take on a sweet confection; Fauchon, and its distinctive tea-flavored macarons; or La Maison du Chocolat, with its chocolate varieties and limited-edition flavors.

Main Image Credit: Pasteis de Belem

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