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5 Environmentally Responsible Travelling Tips You Might Have Missed

While traveling is fun, enjoyable, and helps us open our eyes to the world, being an environmentally conscious traveler is also important to do. There are a couple of simple ways to help out the environment like bringing your own eco bags, using reusable utensils and refillable water bottles, but here are five tips that you might have missed.

Turn off — and unplug — lights and appliances before you leave your house.

Before you leave your house, double check if you’ve left any lights or appliances on/plugged! Plugged in appliances still demands a small amount of energy that will eventually add up and demand more energy.

Take public transportation as much as possible.

Lessen your carbon footprint by traveling the same way the locals do! Take the train, bus, or whatever available public transportation your destination offers.

Shop locally!

This not only helps the locals and the local economy, but you’re also helping lessen the carbon footprint that importing products have. Be adventurous when it comes to purchasing their local products but also consider if that item is made from an endangered species, such as animal body parts, tortoise-shell, ivory, coral, or shells as buying these items will end up doing more harm than good!  

Conserve — especially wherever you’re staying at!

Sometimes we tend to leave the air conditioner running while we’re out to cool down the room while we’re out since we’re not as conscious with the electric bill, but this harms the environment in the long run! Treat your accommodation the same way you would treat your actual home!

Be informed with the local environmental rules.

Getting to know their local environmental laws will help you become more aware of where to go and what to do around the area. Remember that you’re in a foreign place as a visitor, so respecting their rules will help you act appropriately.

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