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Access Travel is a group of travel enthusiasts and consultants dedicated to helping you plan the trip you’ve always wanted.
We’re more than just a travel agency and our goal is greater than just getting ou to far-flung places. What started out as a dream to bring the world closer to every Filipino has blossomed into our way of travel. Instead of asking how to get there, our goal with every trip is to answer a new question: How do you truly get to know this place?

Our answer? You don’t just go out to see the world - you meet it.

Access Travel can take you to these sought after destinations:

South Africa

Brand Pillars

A Hand to Hold
We get it: travelling can present difficulties for even the most seasoned adventurers. At Access Travel, we love ourselves a little challenge and you can be sure that we are prepared to make your trip as seamless as possible. We help you get from home to the world and back worry-free and scot-free so you can focus more on the best trips ever.

A Door to Open
We believe the key to getting to know the world is by viewing it through a clear lens, one that aims to see what is meaningful and real. We take pride in our dedication to exploring each place before bringing you there, uncovering the places that best express each destination and the stories and people behind them, so that you can make the most out of your new experiences.

A World to Explore
With the right guide and the right mindset, you are off to see the world. We take you to where you want to go and help you discover new places along the way. We believe that when your spirit of adventure is unbeatable and your curiosity is always sparked, then the world is yours to conquer.

Led by our President and CEO Angely Dub and with over 60 countries and counting under our travel portfolio, our experience as seasoned travelers come in handy as we tailor-fit itineraries and craft remarkable trips so you can meet the world with ease.

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