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Everything you need to know about Access Travel Passport

This month we’re launching a special treat for all our valued customers: the Access Travel Passport! The Passport is your gateway to earning a travel reward, so you can keep traveling and exploring the world.

Here’s a quick FAQ for everyone who’s asking about this special perk!

How do I get one?

The Passport is available to all customers of Access Travel and Tours. It is included in the travel kits that we give away to each client before departure.

How does it work?

The Passport holder is entitled to two transaction options: (A) all-in group tours, which is a complete, all-inclusive tour package; or (B) full booking, which covers visa, airfare, hotel accommodation and tours. Each all-in group or full booking transaction will be awarded one sticker upon full payment.

How many stickers do I need to collect?

It takes five stickers to complete one Passport. Two stickers for Europe, Africa, North America or South Africa destinations; two stickers for Asia, Middle East or Oceania destinations; and one sticker for a Philippine destination.

What are the perks that I will receive?

A complete Passport with 5 stickers entitles the holder to a P15,000 worth of travel voucher from Access Travel and Tours.

Do I need to fill up the Passport in one year?

No. The Passport has no expiry date.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Yes! Avoid tampering or transferring your transactions as this will render your Passport null and void.

I have more questions about the Access Travel Passport. Who can I talk to?

Feel free to call our travel consultants at 534-0116 or send us a message at inquiry@travelwithaccess.com.

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