3 Travel Fears That Stop You From Traveling

Set your travel fears aside and stay positive! We’ve listed three typical arguments against travel and why you shouldn’t believe them:

  • January 3, 2020

It’s Not Safe

Remember that the destination you’re visiting is home to hundreds or thousands of locals who live there and it’s not as different as you and your home. Sometimes it’s a matter of being a responsible traveler and using simple common sense.

Take note of your surroundings, avoid walking in dangerous or questionable areas, do not flash your gadgets or jewelry, read up on potential travel scams so you know what to avoid. You can also get extra protection by going the extra mile and signing up for travel insurance.

Building Your Future is More Important

Vacation leaves are there for a reason – because you deserve a break, even if it means missing a couple of days at work. Traveling gives you lessons, like how to become more independent, resilient and resourceful; things that you can also use both in your personal and professional life. It builds character, something that employers will also find valuable.

You might also be pressured to prepare for the future instead of treating yourself to a trip. Saving up for big changes like getting a car or starting a family are key chapters in your life, but remember that you never know where life will eventually take you. Don’t let the opportunity to travel miss you, as traveling might be physically and logistically harder as you get older.

It’s Expensive


Thanks to seat sales and online travel promos, travel is no longer just a luxury for rich people. There are many affordable destinations where you can partake in memorable experiences without blowing off your savings. If you’re a travel newbie, you can save up and start small with local destinations or build your travel portfolio with visa free, Southeast Asia countries.

Take note that saving up for travel also requires compromise. You have the power to decide what you do with what you earn, so you need to decide on what you want to prioritize. If you have disposable income, why not skip that daily Starbucks run or that monthly shopping trip and put it towards your travel fund instead.

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