5 Airports Worth A Layover

Booking your flights is a necessary but sometimes stress-inducing task you have to consider when planning a trip abroad.

  • January 3, 2020

Do you book the first flight out and have several hours ahead of the usual hotel check-in; or do you go for a mid-day flight and take the risk of having it delayed, the usual scenario in any given day? Should you wait for a promo from your favorite budget airline or go with expensive carrier you trust the most? And for those going on a long haul flight, should you get the flight that gets you from Point A to Point B with no stopover or should go for the one with a layover?

While the first two questions are a matter of personal or even scheduling preference, the last question is still up for debate. Most people will say it’s safer to go without layover, but we’re here to make it more appealing in case it’s an unavoidable part of your trip. Check out these 5 airports that prove their worth.

Narita International Airport in Japan

Get your dose of Japanese culture through live demonstrations, performances and workshops, held regularly in the airport. Events vary every month, but you can look forward to the likes of tea ceremonies, calligraphy workshops and Kabuki exhibits. Families can also take advantage of the kid-friendly areas such as the Children’s Playrooms and Kids’ Parks, where kids can run around and burn off extra energy.

Incheon International Airport in South Korea

Who says you need to leave the airport to get some culture? Incheon International Airport offers live cultural performances such as Joseon-inspired plays, a cultural museum with 5,000 year old relics, an experience zone where you can make your own Korean handicrafts or try on a hanbok, and a cultural street where you can sample Korean snacks.

Changi International Airport in Singapore

Singapore’s Changi is famous for its ample amount of entertainment and services. There are movie theaters, a rooftop pool with a 40-foot slide, art galleries, waterfalls and play areas. Looking for solitude? Drop by any of the five gardens in the airport, one of which is home to more than a thousand butterflies.

Hamad International Airport in Qatar

Need a relaxing break? Drag your tired, traveling self to Hamad International Airport’s Vitality Wellbeing & Fitness Center, where you can swim a lap in their pool or book a spa session. There’s also an in-terminal five-star hotel if you’re craving a for good night’s sleep or you can check out the world-class art exhibitions smartly curated in partnership with Qatar Museums.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in Netherlands

Schiphol has an extension of Amsterdam’s Riksjmuseum, making it a perfect stop for art enthusiasts. There’s also an airport library with books and multimedia to while away your time, plus a free playground for the kids in Kids’ Forest, where children aged 3 to 9 can play around tree houses and various play and climb areas. Got more time? Squeeze in a quick layover tour and explore Amsterdam.


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