5 Dishes You Need to Try in Eastern Europe

Ever wondered what Eastern Europe is like? We give you and your taste buds five reasons to visit Eastern Europe this year.

  • January 3, 2020


These are crescent-shaped dumplings you can find all over Eastern Europe. You have the choice of fillings from sweet (fruits) to savory (meat, vegetables).

Chicken Paprikash

Hoping for something comforting after a long flight? This dish made up of roasted chicken and buttered pasta is the way to go.


You’ll never run out of sausage options in Eastern Europe. Two of the classics? There’s bratwurst, usually eaten between bread and with sauerkraut (a finely fermented cabbage) and currywurst or sausage topped with ketchup and curry powder.

Placki Ziemniaczane

You’ll probably have a hard time pronouncing this dish, but simply put it’s potato pancake. This is the region’s version of a hash brown!

Linzer Torte

The classic Viennese dessert has hazelnuts and almonds for its crust and a thick, fruity jam or preserve for its filling. You’ll have a hard time resisting this beautiful dessert when you spot the beautiful lattice design on top.

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Photo Credits: Pierogi, Chicken PaprikashCurrywurst, Placki Ziemniacane, Linzer Torte


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