5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Holy Land

  • November 13, 2019

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to walk the path where Jesus walked? To see the places where He carried out His miracles with your own two eyes? Wonder no more because you can surely do all these things and more in Holy Land with Access

Holy Land is the place where history meets the present. It is only in Holy Land where you get to seek God and experience His presence through the stories that each biblical location will show you while also admiring the regal architectural landscapes surrounding you. If these aren’t enough for you to pack your bags and take this trip of a lifetime, we’re giving you more reasons to go.

Here are five reasons why you should visit Holy Land

  1. It’s Where Jesus Was Born, Crucified and Resurrected

Holy Land has so much history. If we will base it on the Bible, it’s actually where everything started and you can only imagine how amazing it will feel like to actually be in the very place where it all happened. You’ll definitely understand and appreciate the Bible better than you’ll ever have.

  1. It’s Safe for Tourists

Israel considers every tourist like their own so they make sure that every visitor’s safety is their utmost priority. ¬†Every location and site is controlled and guarded to ensure that tourists will get the best out of their tour without worrying about their safety. (Of course, you still have to look after your belongings and always be vigilant when traveling abroad!)

  1. You’ll Definitely Have Fun

Holy Land is known for its history and architecture but there are also unique activities to take note of. Your frisky self will definitely enjoy swimming at the Dead Sea, riding camels and even simply shopping at their stores!

  1. There’s Good Food

Your tummy will be satisfied with the wide range of food choices you’ll find in Holy Land. Everything you eat there will taste fresher than what you’re used to because they actually grow the vegetables, fruits, fishes on their own and deliver it straight to the markets and restaurants. So, if you want a fresh dining experience, this is the place for you to visit.

  1. You Will Be Inspired

It’s one thing to read the bible passages in black and white but it’s another different experience to be able to see it in real life. It doesn’t matter if you’re a devoted Christian or someone who’s just curious about Christianity, you heart will be moved by the things that you will learn and experience about Holy Land.

As cliche as it may sound, when you get to Holy Land, you will feel at home. It’s like being cradled by your own faith and being taken back to your roots. It’s a chance for you to finally refresh, recharge and reconnect with Him because there’s no better time but now.

What are you waiting for?

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