5 Reasons Why You Should See the Northern Lights

  • November 13, 2019

Ask any of your thrill-seeker friends or adventure junkie relatives about their travel bucket lists and I’m sure all of them includes seeing the Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis.

You’ll hear them talk about how amazing it looks like – with its bright lights and glorious dancing night skies. You’ll see them talk about it with so much glimmer in their eyes as they begin to tell you how they’d give anything and everything just to see this wonderful natural display in real life. You’ll read about it on travel blogs and they will have nothing but praise and admiration for this god-like phenomenon. That’s when curiosity hits you and you start to wonder what’s so special about the Northern Lights that everyone wants to witness it firsthand.

Here are five reasons why you should see the Northern Lights.

1. It’s One of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World

The 7 Natural Wonders of the World is what we consider nature’s gifts to us human beings. One of the list’s objectives is to raise awareness so that people know that stunning places like Northern Lights exist and we should treasure it now while it’s still here. Now’s the right time to give back by appreciating what she has given us. If you think about it, it would really be a shame to turn a blind eye to Mother Nature’s exceptional creations.

2It’s a Life-Changing Adventure

If we can give you one advice, just go for it. Every destination is a different experience but a trip to see the Northern Lights is the complete experience. Not only will it intensify your passion for exploration, it will also give you the feeling of accomplishment. Once you are there, looking at the wholeness of it, you’ll be able to reflect and it is 100% guaranteed that your life will never be the same- in a good way, of course!

3. It’s One of the Most Instagrammable Places on Earth

The hashtag #NorthernLights on instagram has 1 Million photos in it. That just proves that the world believes how picture perfect this place is. Your instagram game will surely soar high with the Northern Lights as your newest IG post. Do it for the gram!

4. It’s Worth It (Your Patience, Time … Everything!)

Truth be told, seeing the Northern Lights is not a walk in the park. First, it requires a lot of patience for forecasts change from time to time. Second, perseverance is needed because your pictures might not be good in some angles. Lastly, you need to be financially ready for this life changing trip but at the root of it, you’ll realize that even after everything, it is really worth it. 

5. It’s the Closest Thing You’ll Have to Magic

You need to see the Northern Lights because, to be honest, our lives tend to become dull and dreary which is mainly caused by the monotony of our daily routine and we all could actually use a little magic. The Northern Lights is the closest thing we have to magic. The bright lights, burst of colors, serene atmosphere… need I say more? It really is magic.

Ready to experience it for yourself?

#TravelWithAccess and chase the Northern Lights.

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