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  • November 13, 2019

Travel leaves you with a bunch of memorable experiences worth remembering in the years to come: exploring your dream destination, meeting and connecting with locals, traveling for the first time abroad.

This month, the team talks about the travel moments we fondly look back on.

Image Credit: Angely Dub
Image Credit: Angely Dub

One of my favorite travel moments is when I had to stay overnight with the locals in Tibet. It was a stopover before heading to the Mt Everest Base Camp and a family welcomed me to their home. The locals were definitely the most genuine people I’ve ever met in my entire life, they did not have that much but they were all happy. – Angely, President & CEO

Image Credit: The Telegraph

I’ll never forget the time I got to explore Beijing with my co-dancers, my second family. We were delegates to the World Expo 2010 and were even provided with diplomat passports for that trip. Aside from the VIP treatment and the great bonding experience as a team, it’s the overall sense of pride one feels when representing your country. – Madge, Creative Manager

Image Credit: Palawan News

My favorite travel memory is when my partner and I traveled together for the first time to Coron, Palawan. We went island hopping, where we saw a myriad of fishes, sea urchins and coral reefs. We also hiked a steep mountain, where upon reaching the summit, we were blessed with a picturesque view of the iconic Coron cliffs. We also visited Kayangan Lake and the Twin Lagoon, where the tranquility and silence of the place made us appreciate nature. – CK, Reservations Manager

kibi plain trail
Image Credit: Taiken Japan

I was celebrating my 26th birthday in Japan and I’ve set my mind on completing a biking route called the Kibi Plain trail on my own. It was either queuing for hours and hours in Universal Studios or this – I chose Okayama. I was alone on a 17km biking trail with my rusty Japanese knowledge and my rustier muscle memory of riding a bike. I got lost for hours and hours with a map I crumpled out of frustration. That 17km stretch felt like 30’s and it was alienating, the scenery felt like Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away. I wanted to give up half way the cycling route, I wanted to hitchhike back, but I somehow managed to convince myself to push through. Along the way I’ve met kind strangers who helped me find Soya Station, the end of the trail. That misadventure was such a good reminder that no matter how lost you are you’ll always find your way back home.. and that there are kind people on this planet that will help you in your time of desperation. It was a wonderful birthday. – Trisha, Graphic Designer

Image Credit: Batangas Resorts

I will never forget that time my friends and I went to Calatagan, Batangas on a spontaneous beach trip. We didn’t have enough time to plan the trip as needed so we also didn’t have a tent or even utensils for eating. It felt like we were participating in the TV show Survivor! I remember getting to snorkel for the first time and visiting what they call Starfish Island, where there are different species of starfish. – Hannah, Reservations Manager

Image Credit: Catholic Quotations

One of the most humbling experiences in my life is visiting Lourdes, France, where the original Grotto is. This is where Mama Mary appeared to Bernadette, and where people from all over the world drink the water, collect and store them in bottles, and bathe in it as it is believed by many to heal. There were hundreds of ill and disabled people visiting the Grotto, with many of them crying both tears of sadness and joy. There were so many volunteers steadfast in their faith, both young and old, who sacrificed their time to help the sick. I still remember so clearly that we weren’t supposed to go down to the Grotto until the following day but my family decided otherwise. God and His timing, really. – Julia, Marketing Manager

Image Credit: HK Express

My favorite travel experience is my first trip abroad with my family last November 2013, when we went to Macau and Hong Kong.  I really treasured those memories with my family, especially since my father passed away 4 months after that trip. It’s really sad to lose him, but I’m happy we had that trip together to remember him by. – Nica, Reservations Manager

genting highlands
Image Credit: Resorts World Genting

My favorite travel memory is riding a skyway cable car at Genting Highlands on a cold and cozy afternoon. I remember feeling amazed by the stunning view over the surrounding mountains and rainforest. The natural scenery was just breathtaking. – Je, Documentations Manager

yi peng
Image Credit: Swain Destinations

Two years ago, I had the opportunity to go backpacking around Southeast Asia. I watched the sun rise and set from the top of temples in Bagan, explored the blissful little town of Nong Khai, and exchanged travel stories with a monk in Luang Prabang. I also managed to be in Chiang Mai for the famous Yi Peng Festival, where I participated and released my own paper lantern, like that beautiful scene in the movie Tangled. – Meryl, Social Media Manager

Image Credit: All Dubai
Image Credit: All Dubai

My first trip to Dubai was one of the most memorable trips I had, simply because it was a trip with my family. My initial impression of Dubai was that it’s a usual Middle East destination with a very conservative culture, but it exceeded my expectations when I got the opportunity to explore it. I discovered that Dubai is a very advanced nation, with a lot of spectacular tourist destinations to offer.  I clearly remember the spot where my photo was taken with the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, as my background.  No wonder it is now one of the leading tourist spots around the world! I can’t wait to be back again for the 3rd time. – Ruiza, Admin Manager

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