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My outlet to move on and also a great time to meet my friends all over the world

  • April 25, 2020

I’m here to share my most memorable trip so far in my life. Back in 2018, I decided to travel to four countries within five weeks. I’m sharing some snaps that I took while traveling by myself. I decided to do this spontaneous trip just because I’m lost and broken—emotionally.

Yes, my outlet to move on and also a great time to meet my friends all over the world. I believed that God has plans for us, we meet people for a reason. Its either they stay or break us but nonetheless there’s always a life lesson to learn. Anyway, I’ve decided to visit Singapore, Japan, USA, and South Korea.


Why these countries? I don’t know as well I just booked a flight from Sydney to Los Angeles with SQ so that’s the route so why not just visit every country and stay for at least 5 days?  Singapore is close to my heart I still have my closest friends living there and mate the food is amazing! from Chicken Rice, Satays, Chili Crab to Sambal Stingrays who can’t say no to that? Right?

Next is Japan, perfect timing when I got there. Why? It’s just the season of Cherry Blossoms. I always admire the country for its culture and food. I’m literally lost in translations good thing I got a pocket-wifi with me. Went to a bar by myself and drink. I got my authentic ramen, sushi, and sashimi actually most of the Japanese food.  Booked a bullet train ticket to Mt. Fuji then its cloudy when I got there met some strangers, few locals, and other tourists as well I think that’s part of traveling on your own?

Some might say its sad to travel alone but to be honest, happiness is a choice. Make memories and explore. Then bound to America-visited my friends from California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Washington, and New York before heading to Seoul. What a route hey? It’s always good to see your good mates doing well in their life and career. And if you asked me if my trip helped me to move on? Definitely! I realized that there are still good and genuine people out there.

Also, I realized that we all have our own timeline don’t compare your life to other’s life because we don’t know what they’ve been through. Stay focus on your goals and achieve it! Always believe in yourself cause it’s your life. And with all these current events happening right now who knows till when our life is. Be safe and stay home everyone! It’s time to reflect and be a responsible human.


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