Your Europe Trip Made Affordable

  • November 13, 2019

It’s almost impossible to plan a destination bucket list and not include Europe. It will always be in the favorite travel escapades of anyone who wishes to see the world. Europe is for the travel junkie, the adventure seeker, the wandering artist and even the happy go lucky. Europe is for everyone and that means it can be for you, too. But, when you hear about Europe, you’ll also probably hear about how expensive it is to go there. So, the question is: how much will it really cost you for a Europe trip?


Airfare, accommodations, local transportation, food, attractions and allowance are some of the expenses that are important to take note of when traveling. A quick google search will give you an estimate of 4,500 USD for a two week stay in Europe excluding city tours, travel insurance, city taxes and other entrance fees. The fees change depending on the cities, places and season you want to visit in Europe. 4,500 USD seems worth it for some but they end up having to clutch everything because of their mindless planning (or the lack of it,) that they never really fully enjoy their trip.

It’s time to debunk the common misconception that a trip to Europe will break the bank. With the right preparation and planning, you’ll get your money’s worth. The feeling that you’ll get from experiencing Europe’s cultural and historical highlights in each place like Rome, Venice, Lucerne, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, etc. is priceless.

To be completely honest, it only gets expensive when you go to Europe unprepared and get lost in the jungle of hidden charges. You will not get your money’s worth if you do not plan ahead and take the tours that are available. You’ll lose a lot of time stressing and wondering what could have happened if you just coordinated with the right people to make sure you’ll have the best Europe escapade.

A well-planned trip to Europe does not have to become costly with Access Travel. When you choose to travel with Access, you’ll only be spending 3,388 to 3,588 USD (much lesser than the 4,500 USD estimation above) inclusive of roundtrip airfare, accommodations, food, entrance fees, travel insurance, local city guides, Filipino coordinator, city taxes in Rome & Venice, personalized souvenirs, etc.  Allow us to take you there and give you your money’s worth. Allow us to take you to the most amazing places with a tour that is made for you and your group to enjoy. Allow us to show you that an affordable trip to Europe with Access Travel is possible.

So, if you think that it’s impossible for you to go to Europe, you might want to think twice. Choose to Travel with Access and witness how we can make your European travel dreams come true. Leave the planning and organizing to us and we’ll make sure that an affordable and hassle-free Europe trip is indeed possible and enjoyable.


Ready to check off Europe from your travel bucket list? Check out our Affordable Europe package now! 



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