Argentina As Told by Elaine Yu

Bienvenidos viajeros, nos vamos a Argentina

  • April 21, 2020

What captured my heart for Argentina was its people, culture, and country.

After meeting my friends in Colorado during 2014. I told myself, someday, I will be visiting them for sure. Who knows when only time could tell. So 3 years have passed, and I decided it’s a perfect way to celebrate my birthday with the people I miss the most, my Argentinian family. Onto my journey to Argentina, it took me a long way to get there, the moment I arrived there, when I saw my friends, it was a tear of joy and love. Whew, it’s really worth it. They have the purest heart and best soul, I must say.

We celebrated my birthday in San Carlos Bariloche, during that time, all I wished and prayed for was, for it to start snowing, just to relive the good old memories we all had when we were all in Colorado. And, God didn’t fail to answer that prayer. And, my heart was so full of love and happiness to be celebrating my birthday with the people I love the most, and of course, that snowfall was just perfect. Meeting all their families was also the highlight of my trip, they treated me with so much love and care. Even, one of the Abuela (grandma) taught me how to cook the traditional way of their empanada. And that was, ¡Que Rico! (very delicious).

Having met all their families, having Asado (barbecue) together, going to boliches (bars), seeing their hometowns, knowing their culture, it was a short trip but the most meaningful one. Traveling makes us create memories that are priceless and that will last forever in our hearts. During this pandemic, all we can do is relive those great memories and make it an inspiration to bring a better tomorrow on each others’ lives. Let’s keep creating priceless moments in our lives. Let’s help each other hand in hand, and pray for healing to this beautiful world we are living in. We may all have a happy and fun travels or adventures soon. Stay safe and take care, everyone. Muchas Gracias a todos.

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