Asia’s Concrete Jungle

I’ve always been hooked and mesmerized with its traditions and peculiarities

  • April 28, 2020

When you think of Asia’s concrete jungle and amazing metropolis, Hong Kong is the place to be – at least for me. I’ve always been hooked and mesmerized with its traditions and peculiarities. Each district is uniquely different from each other and it really has something to offer. This makes a justified reason why I considered Hong Kong as my safe haven. I couldn’t stand a year without visiting Hong Kong so I always make sure to pay a mandatory visit not until-


My boyfriend and I planned a trip to Hong Kong when our supposed-to-be anniversary celebration to South Korea way back October 2019 fell off. It was still a good thing because we get to visit our favorite Japanese restaurant, Bari Uma, located in the street of Lan Kwai Fong.

While we were devouring and enjoying our Ajitama-SiroTon and Takikomo-Chasu rice, we heard a can thrown in the nearby street. We were clueless and shocked by what was happening but we continued eating not until people were already running. We were puzzled about what to do first but we already saw smoke starting to cover the streets until it reached the restaurant – that’s when we realized the tear gas was thrown and it’s already over the place. Our romantic brunch now turned out to become a freakin’ nightmare. The management offered us some face masks to use before getting out but we stayed there for a couple of minutes because we also heard gunshots and people rallying. When we felt that it’s already safe to go out, we started running to go back to our hotel. Fortunately, we arrived safely and we were alive. It still feels surreal of what we’ve been through because all we want is just a decent and a romantic brunch but I think that’s the beauty of traveling, you get to experience something extraordinary that you get to share to the world. However, going through a near-death experience in my so-called safe haven still doesn’t change the fact that I’ll still choose to go back to Hong Kong again.


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