Babaran Family Travels to Korea

  • November 13, 2019

Why do you travel?

I usually travel to try food from different places and be with people I love most 😊

What did you love most about your trip?

Last year with my mom and my sister, we booked Access Travel in Iceland. What made it perfect was the people we met, we came from different places and yet from day one it never felt that we were strangers. Ms Angely made sure she had everything fix, as in! Our itinerary didn’t pushed through as scheduled cz of the rain and some road blocks. But even hours and hours of traveling going back to the road everyday, packing an unpacking, I didn’t felt too exhausted.

What will you come back for on this trip?

As I have instructed access travel, I wanted an easy itinerary since we are traveling with kids. Our guide was pleasant, our mini bus was so comfortable and our driver always made sure we are safe.

Any travel tips/hacks you’d like to share?

Pack light

Why did you choose to #travelwithaccess?

Ever since Iceland and if traveling again ill always choose to #travelwithaccess 😊 love the warmth of Ms. Angely 😊

What are the places in your travel bucket list?


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