Chasing the Northern Lights

Opportunities come and go, we never really know when they’d arrive and when they’d disappear

  • April 28, 2020

When thinking of stories to contribute to this narrative, I instantly figured out my top three countries I had the chance to experience thus far: Switzerland, Iceland, and Canada. If you ask me, these three countries sure have things in common— the beautiful landscapes, the breathtaking sceneries, the lovely turns of the season, and the nicest people.

But the most memorable one yet?


Definitely Iceland. It was in 2018 when I got the chance to travel to Iceland and experience the magic of the Northern Lights!


I remember those nights when we had to “chase” the Northern Lights. We had to jump from one place to another, wait for hours in those cold dark nights, and say a whole lot of prayer that Lady Aurora would finally appear right before our very eyes.

Looking back, I realized that our lives are comparable to these amazing dances and streaks of light. Opportunities come and go, we never really know when they’d arrive and when they’d disappear. As cliche as it may seem, but living in the moment does the trick. Live in the moment, so that all those momentary happiness you got hold of becomes a good memory— one that you can relive at any given time. Live in the moment that opportunities won’t slip from your hands, ‘cause like the old saying goes: “We only regret the chances we didn’t take.”

During this crazy uncertain times, I catch myself looking through albums and piles of travel photos trying to relive each memory, still with a beyond-grateful heart. May this pandemic teach us to appreciate what truly matters and cherish every waking moment.

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