Christine Lim Unwinds in Europe

  • November 13, 2019

Why do you travel?

To explore new places and different culture.

What did you love most about your trip?

The sites, especially Mt. Titlis in Switzerland, was the best for me.

What’s the one thing you won’t forget?

We were able to see Pope Francis in Vatican.

What will you come back for in this trip?

Shopping and food

Did this trip inspire you in any way? How?

This inspired me to work hard so we can travel more!

Why do you think Filipinos should travel?

Filipinos should travel to unwind and remove the negative bad vibes in your life even for a while.

Any travel tips/hacks you’d like to share?

Pack light if you can!

Why did you choose to #travelwithaccess?

We choose Access Travel because we heard a lot of good feedback on social media.

What are the places in your travel bucket list?

New Zealand, USA, other parts of Europe!

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