Christmas Time in Europe

  • November 13, 2019

We’re halfway through the year and this only means one thing: Christmas is just around the corner! This also means you’ll have lots of time to take a break and relax. Do you already have anything planned for Christmas? If you haven’t thought about this yet, you may want to consider spending it in Europe… because why not?

Christmas Time in Europe is the best! No matter where you’re from or what you’re doing, you’ll definitely feel the holiday vibe in the air. For many Europeans, Christmas does not only last for a day but it actually extends for months because of the many festivities that they value and celebrate. Here are some sneak peeks of what’s in store for you if you choose to spend Christmas in Europe!


Joyeux Noël! Christmas in France is definitely a whole new experience! For one, it is home to one of the biggest Christmas markets (Christkindelsmarik) in the world which is held in Strasbourg, in North Eastern France and in some parts of France, another form of celebration is to eat 13 different desserts all in one sitting. Needless to say, your foodie heart will definitely be satisfied!


Buon Natale! Christmas in Italy will surely be memorable because of the several Italian traditions you’ll get to experience once you get there like christmas carolings, novenas and food trip! You’ll start feeling the Christmas vibes by late November but the festivities like decorating homes and trees officially start on December 8, the Day of Immaculate Conception. Christmas in Italy is a time for eating a lot so there will be a lot of restaurants offering Christmas delicacies but if you’re looking for a more traditional experience, you can skip the crowded cities and head over to Southern Italy to ski or relax in a spa!


God Jul! Your White Christmas dreams will definitely come true in Switzerland. You can spend your Christmas in Swiss Alps if you’re in for some fun skiing adventure! There’s also this place called Grindelwald where you can do some sledding and snow-shoeing. But if the mountains aren’t for you, you can still have fun in the city while roaming around Switzerland’s best Christmas markets filled with bright lights and decorations!


Vrolijk Kerstfeest! Christmas markets are also a must while in Belgium and if you’re lucky you might even spot Santa Claus roaming around while you shop! One of the popular Christmas markets is the Christmas Market Bruges!   Christmas in Belgium is a grand celebration, there’s caroling, masses and of course, feasting! Although, Belgians prefer to stay indoors in this season, you’ll definitely have a taste of their Christmas traditions  like sledding, ice skating, etc.

Europe has everything you need to complete your dream Christmas vacation! So, sit back, relax and travel with us as we take you to Europe this Christmas season! We can also customize your travel plans if you wish to! Send us a message over at

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