Access Team’s Dream Destinations

  • November 13, 2019

At the Access HQ, we live and breathe travel. We’re a hardworking bunch who are passionate about travel – not just because we deal with it on a day to day basis for work, but because we genuinely find it interesting even outside of our job responsibilities and professional lives.

This month, we talk about our dream destinations – why there’s that one destination we can’t wait to see and explore, and what we want to do when we finally get there.

As someone who has traveled around the world both for work and personal reasons, my dream is to visit all the “End of the World” destinations. I look forward to learning about the culture and the stories of the people who live in far-flung destinations, such as the Patagonia in Argentina or Siberia in Russia. There’s also something exciting about visiting extreme destinations, like the isolated Antartica, or the world’s least populated country, Greenland. I think it would be a good opportunity to discover what the world has to offer beyond the typical destinations, as the ones that are less visited can be life-enriching. – Angely, President & CEO


There’s just something about being surrounded by mountains and greenery that leaves my soul at peace. I’m always in awe just seeing photos of New Zealand, especially those set during the winter. The frozen lakes, how the snow just perfectly forms atop the mountains, and the number of thrilling activities are endless. I love the adrenaline rush and it would be a dream to bungee jump in Queenstown, go water rafting in Rotorua, cross the Arapuni Swing Bridge and go skiing in Arthur’s Pass or Ohau. Not to mention everything’s so picturesque too. New Zealand is definitely one of the most underrated countries everyone has to visit! – Julia, Marketing Manager

One of my ultimate travel goals is to experience the true meaning of joie de vivre by spending a week or two in Paris. I can see myself taking a morning stroll around Jardin du Luxembourg, then spending an afternoon writing in a quaint cafe like La Maison Rose in Montmartre. Being a huge reader, I would also love to visit the different bookshops around the city, such as the iconic Shakespeare & Co. and the quirky Un Regard Moderne Bookshop. For more creative inspiration, I would time my Paris trip during the autumn season so I can catch the Nuit Blanche, an annual event where the city stays up all night in celebration of art and culture. – Meryl, Social Media Manager


My dream destination is Maldives. I really love beach trips since trips like that are really relaxing. I want to go there someday with my future special someone, since it seems to be a very romantic destination.  – Nica, Reservations Officer

The surreal and astonishing view of the famous Northern Lights makes Finland as one my dream destinations. It looks too good to be true whenever I read about it online or on magazines, but this makes me more determined to see it in real life. I would love to make the trip more memorable by taking my loved ones with me and then staying in Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, where we can book a glass igloo accommodation for our stay. – Ruiza, Admin Manager


My dream destination is Amsterdam in Netherlands because I want to visit Van Gogh’s museum and see his artworks in person. It would also be a treat to see the works of his contemporaries. – Hannah, Reservations Officer

I’ve been dreaming about Paris since I was a teenager, particularly because I’m in love with the idea that Paris is the most romantic city in the world. I would love to spend my time wandering and exploring its charming streets, and discovering its top attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre and the Notre Dame Cathedral. I’d also take a day trip to Versailles, to get a taste of what it would be like to live like the French royalty. – Je, Documentations Manager


As a creative, it is important and almost always necessary for me to immerse myself in various settings. And as cliche as it may sound, New York City is at the top of my dream destinations. I’ve been there once but only for a layover flight. I’d love to go back for a longer period of time and actually experience the competitive and cut-throat vibe that (most) people avoid. No other place in the world does “limitless” quite well and just the thought of it stimulates my artistic side. – Madge, Brand Strategist

I dream of going to Ireland. First stop would be Dublin, maybe stay a night or two. I’d like to indulge the sights of the city with pints of local beer through a pub’s window. And then I fade into the country side – all sobered up. Driving solo en route to see old castles like Kilkenny and Carrickfergus. I imagine myself pressing on for more countryside experience and more dead-ends. I end my trip with a renewed spirit basking in the beautiful stretch of the Cliffs of Moher. – Trisha, Graphic Designer


I’m lucky to be living in the Philippines, where I get to easily explore and visit its beautiful islands. I still have a lengthy bucket list of dream destinations though, and right on top of this list is Paris, France. I would love to experience its culture and romantic ambiance! – CK, Reservations Officer

Photos by Angely Dub

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