Katreen Bernardo Traveled to Europe and Saved Her Wallet

  • November 13, 2019

Why Do You Travel?

To live my dreams, break out from the usual routine and see life the way I’ve seen it in postcards and movies

What Did You Love Most About Your Trip? 

The Itinerary and the company! Highlights of every European country we’ve been wanting to see were included. We really got to see the sights and the people. We had ample amount of time to experience their culture and enjoyed every visit. The group was fun to be with, all the kwentuhan and tawanan was a huge plus to the fulfillment of the tour.

What’s the One Thing You Won’t Forget?

In all honesty, the whole trip is unforgettable. It was a wonderful experience for us.

 What Will You Come Back for in This Trip ?

Everything. I would never say no to a part two.

Did This Trip Inspire You in Any Way? How?

Yes. This trip taught me that, as cliche as it sounds, dreams do come true. That sometimes, you just have to learn to weigh in your priorities and be patient with what you want to achieve. I’ve watched movies and read books, and finally, I was there. It’s always about the will and the determination to make your wishes reality.

Why Do You Think Filipinos Should Travel?

Traveling expands our limits. It gives you new perspective in life and it makes you understand the world.

If Filipinos travel more within the country, it would make them appreciate the Philippines, see more of the good than the bad. Help them make an effort in developing our own.

Filipinos should travel overseas to avoid intimidation. Filipinos are citizens of the world, despite the limitations of visas, everyone should get the chance to see its beauty. It would make us more open-minded, see every story angle in every place and relate it to our lives, our country.

Any Travel Tips/Hacks You’d Like to Share?   

Research in advance wouldn’t hurt. Check weather reports, recommended food, latest news, and even electric sockets! Even when going with a tour group, make sure you know basics to the places you’re going to.

Why Did You Choose to #TravelwithAccess?

I’ve always wanted to try Access Travel and Tours since I’ve seen it on majority of travel photos of celebrities. AT&T is flexible, understanding and very open to suggestions. This is my first packaged tour with them and they did not disappoint!

What Are the Places in Your Travel Bucket List?

I want to explore more of Europe, particularly Eastern parts + Iceland. I’m also looking forward to visiting the Holy Land. 

Again, thank you very much for giving me the chance to explore Europe and assisting us with this tour. As mentioned, it was a wonderful experience for me and my mom. I’m glad your team could be a part of it.

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