Love Local: Merylle Aldea Flies To Cebu and Bohol

  • November 13, 2019
Access Travel: Why do you travel?


Merylle Aldrea: I travel to spend time with my family. Traveling together has become one of our bonding moments since we rarely become complete because of work and our busy schedules. It’s also our time to go to places we’ve never been before and experience other cultures.

Access Travel: What did you love most about your trip?

Merylle Aldrea: What I loved most about this trip were the beautiful sites we visited. It made me realize that the Philippines really is a wonder needed to be seen and experienced. I also loved the different activities we did during our trip like our Sky Walk atop the 38th floor of a hotel, ATV ride in Bohol, and the whale shark encounter in Oslob. 

Access Travel: What is the one thing you won’t forget?

Merylle Aldrea:  I won’t forget my encounter with the whale sharks or as they are locally known, the butanding. At first, just thinking about swimming with them terrifies me but when I was already in the water, it was one of the most majestic things I have ever seen.

Access Travel: What will you come back for on this trip? 

Merylle Aldrea: I think there is still a lot more to see in Cebu and Bohol. But what I would come back for most especially is their food and delicacies. There is nothing like it in Manila.

Access Travel: Did this trip inspire you in any way?

Merylle Aldrea: This trip inspired me to travel more especially locally. We seldom travel within the Philippines and I think that we should start appreciating more the different places we are known for. 

Access Travel: Why do you think Filipinos should travel?

Merylle Aldrea:  I think that it’s rare for a Filipino to traveling to different places due to our strong family ties. But I think that we should be traveling more because there really is a lot more to learn beyond the comfort of our own homes. We should go out there to see and experience for ourselves.

Access Travel: Any travel tips or hacks that you want to share?

Merylle Aldrea: Always plan ahead. Even though you already have a schedule to follow during the trip, it’s still nice to know where you should go during your free time or free days. Know where the nearest malls or activities are near your accommodation.

Access Travel: Why did you choose to travel with Access?

Merylle Aldrea: I chose to #travelwithaccess because they give the very flexible itineraries and they make their clients their top priority. They see to it that everything will run smoothly throughout the duration of the trip, and even after. 


Access Travel: Where do you want to go next?

Merylle Aldrea: I would love to visit Coron, Batanes, Japan, Korea, and Paris


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