Traveler Feature: The Marianos’ Honeymoon in Bali

  • November 13, 2019

We talked to the Mariano newlyweds about their Bali Honeymoon trip with us and this was their experience. In nutshell, it was nothing but amazing and romantic. They enjoyed the hotel, food, and the beach.

Why did you choose Bali as your honeymoon Destination?

We wanted to see the beaches of Bali.

What did you love most about your trip?

The food! Mi Goreng. And the accommodation at Asa Bali Villa & Spa.

What’s the one thing you won’t forget in your Bali trip?

The romantic dinner set up by the staff of our hotel.

What will you come back for in this trip in Bali?

Mi Goreng

Did this trip inspire you in any way?

Yes. During our whole day at Seminyak beach, there were old me women sellingng bracelets, hats, offering henna tattoos.. etc. It’s so inspiring that even if they’re a bit old already, they’re still working–walking by the beach on a sunny time until night. If you don’t buy from them they won’t get mad. They will still smile and respect you.

Why do you think Filipinos should travel to Bali?

So that the can see the beautiful temples not only the beach.

Any travel tips/hacks you’d like to share to newlyweds?

If you’re planning a smooth and hassle-free trip especially for your honeymoon, trust Access Travel, they won’t let you down. haha!

Why did you choose to #travelwithaccess?

I trust them. Every time I travel it’s always with Access Travel, with the help of Danica who gives me a nice package quotation. No hassle at all starting from inquiries to smooth transaction. I’m always happy with the service and her hotel / tour suggestions.

What are the places in your travel bucket list?

Hong Kong, Maldives, and Japan!!

Have you been to Bali? What did you like most? Let us know in the comments below!

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