Post Breakup Diaries

Take a trip by myself and for myself

  • May 20, 2020

After a breakup and a stressful project I worked on for 6 months ended, the first thing I told myself was to take a trip by myself and for myself wherein I’d have time to reflect, to explore, to have fun, and yet to be completely challenged. I just had a week to plan and only had 2 weeks to spare for the trip so I then decided to go to 5 nearby countries. It was very spontaneous which made it all the more exciting especially since I’m never the type who plans itineraries.

I flew out to Singapore, took a bus to KL, took a flight out to Bangkok, took a day bus to Siem Reap, took an overnight bus to Phnom Penh then another bus to HCMC, took a flight out Da Nang then a van to Hoi An, experienced a very exciting 8-hour motorbike ride from Hoi An to Hue, took an overnight bus to Phong Nha and finally took an overnight bus to Hanoi then a flight out back to Manila. It sounds very exhausting for a short span of time but it was definitely worth it and was exactly as adventurous as how I wanted it to be. I chose to stay at hostels to be forced to mingle, I joined cooking classes and group tours to make new friends, I moved to another city via a motorbike to get over the trauma from an accident, I chose to travel via overnight buses despite scary reviews to overcome the fear of getting lost and I explored every country’s nightlife scene & drank alone at bars to test my discipline in saying no to more alcohol and yes to getting home safely.

In conclusion, it was definitely one of the best experiences of my life and I learned a lot such as it’s okay to be alone and it definitely makes it easier to meet new people and make new friends; people are generally nice and are curious to know more about you and your country’s culture; there are so many places to see and so many stories out there left to be discovered; solo traveling will definitely test your sense of direction, discipline, responsibility & attentiveness. If you wanna try it, just do it for your personal growth, and don’t be scared. Live life without regrets.

As the cliche statement goes, here’s to living & not just existing!

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