Why Renting A Car Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Travels

  • November 13, 2019

When you travel to another destination one of the things you overlook is renting a car. Why is that? Yes, public transportation is there, but why stress out when you can drive your own? We’re here to tell you why you should start considering renting a car when you travel.

1. Freedom to go wherever you want

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When you have the car to go anywhere, then why not go everywhere? This is the beauty of having your own car, you don’t have limits when it comes to choosing where to go. You plan your own itinerary, go where you want, do what you like at your own pace and in the privacy of your vehicle. All you need is a gassed-up car and your friends Hertz Neverlost GPS, Google Maps, or Waze, in the background to guide you.

2. You don’t have to deal with early wake-up calls

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One of the things we despise about not having our own car is that we have to adjust everything to someone who has a car or to the public transportation’s schedule. It’s an experience killer if you ask us. Having your own car means you control your own your own adventure. Now isn’t that what we want anyway?

3. Comfort in all aspects

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Planning to go shopping? Need to bring a lot of equipment? Hand-carrying these things in public transport is one of the biggest hassles in your holiday. Want to go around an area comfortably? Want to take a nap? Want to make sure your baby is safe and sound? Need air conditioning? If you’ve rented a car, these questions are easily answered.

4. No need to worry about public transport

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We’ve heard enough horror stories about getting lost in the train station, riding the wrong bus, and getting off the wrong stops. With a car, you don’t need to figure out public transportation. Studying public transportation is a really daunting task especially in a foreign land. Granted, riding public transport is also a way to feel like a local, but you’re really not good at this, why sweat it?

5. Traveling as a group will be so much better

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Renting a car makes it easier for a group to travel safe and sound. In addition to all things mentioned above, you can also split costs. Trust us, this is the best choice if you want comfort at a practical cost.
Check out Hertz Philippines if you’re thinking about renting a car!

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