Roaming Through Egypt

They treat you not as a tourist but as a family

  • May 25, 2020

Being able to travel is a reward in itself. Not only you get to see those places you’ve been seeing in pictures but also you get to experience a different part of your world.


Last year, I was fortunate to be sent by our company to travel to Egypt. This destination became one of the countries that I admire holistically from its attraction, food, culture, and most of all, people.

Roaming around Cairo and its neighboring cities felt like traveling back to ancient times. Most of the attractions are still erected and preserved. I remember seeing the Pyramids in Giza brought me to complete awestruck. The question of “How did the Egyptians made these massive stacks of blocks in the middle of the desert ?” was playing in my mind at that time, I was really fascinated and curious! We also got to experience a Nile River Cruise at night, it was very fun! There were local entertainers who danced and sang with us.

I am a type of traveler who gets home-sicked so easily even if I’m just away for days only. But I didn’t feel that when I was in Egypt. The people were very warm and friendly. I actually remembered one of the myths about Egypt that it is unsafe for travelers and I strongly contest that! Locals in Egypt are very hospitable. Our bus driver, our tour guide, and the people we came across were actually all caring. They always call us Habibi which means My Love in English– very flattering! Their service gives you a sense of belonging, they treat you not as a tourist but as a family, I felt that!


Egypt is not just about Cairo and the Pyramids, it is a big country with lots of surprises. There is Luxor, Alexandria, and many more cities that are equally as beautiful as Cairo and Giza! I hope I could go back and get to some of these places in the future.

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