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  • November 13, 2019


The influx of travelers has never been so potent over the past several years. Every year, more and more people dream of checking off their travel bucket lists in search of new experiences to collect more memories. For everyone who has been bitten (hard) by the travel bug, it is of utmost importance to engage with trusted allies that can take you safely across the globe.

This year, Access Travel will embark on another expedition through the Icelandic territories in search of the Northern Lights. Iceland is a very beautiful country, boosting an enigmatic experience for everyone who explores. Access Travel together with Angely Dub — a trusted name in responsible tourism — will personally guide you through the wonderful depths of Iceland to witness the majestic Aurora Borealis.

Traveling to an exotic location is an exciting and overwhelming experience, and there are viable risks if you choose to travel with entities without the proper accreditation. There are pseudo travel accounts in the Philippines that conduct tours to exotic destinations, while there is nothing wrong in building a business,  we believe that a travel business must be built on the foundations of integrity and constant care for it clients

When you choose to travel with pseudo accounts, you are involuntarily risking your experience once you set foot on a foreign land. Iceland is amazingly beautiful, but it can be a harsh environment especially for travelers who know very little about the country; the weather conditions can be very extreme which invites certain risks. In the hands of a non-licensed travel account, you are at risk of deportation (harming your chances for your next travel venture) and there will be limited resources available to you should any untoward incident happens.

We travel because we want to see the world and experience its wonders. We travel because we want to enrich our lives (not the pockets of any pseudo travel account) and bridge communities worldwide through helping the locals earn a living and promote responsible tourism.

We at Access Travel, as a registered and trusted premier travel agency in the Philippines have access and a good working relationship with affiliate travel partners across the globe. This coming Oct 7 – Oct 16, 2018, we will traverse across Iceland and watch first-hand the Northern Lights, bask in the amazing scenery of the country, and revel in the wonders of its nature while ensuring optimum safety for each. We have registered vehicles that will safely transport you, we have a local driver that will help us communicate across any institutions that we will engage with. We are ready to take you there!

Access Travel is ready to bring you this once in a lifetime experience in the safest and most authentic way possible. No hidden charges, no ulterior motives, no under-the-table transactions, just an honest and well-planned travel experience that you will treasure.

Travel with Access safely across the globe.


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