San Francisco Street

I keep coming back

  • May 20, 2020

Over the last four years, I can’t count the many times I’ve come to San Francisco – what is it with the Bay Area, really? That I cannot fathom. The beautiful iconic Golden Gate Bridge where the romantic at heart goes? The Palace of the Fine Arts where movies are shot? Union Square? The Wharf and Embarcadero, the lovely city hall where I imagine myself for a civil wedding or maybe the air and vast space and greens of the institution where great minds and innovators come from – Stanford University, among other things. Maybe it’s the people.

Maybe it’s the stories. Or maybe it’s the feeling I get whenever I’m there that I’ve never felt before.

I spent the first few times rekindling memories with my childhood best friend, Bea – as we go on third-wave coffee dates, baby hikes that would turn into swelling palms and clubbing of fingers.

It’s where I went on different dates and meet different types of people and the more I meet strangers, the more I learn about myself – the person I want to become and who I want to be with.

San Francisco is so damn beautiful and I told myself as I keep praying to God that one day, maybe someday, I’ll be coming back to Stanford and sit in my favorite spot in Blue Bottle with the love of my life and do all those cliche annoying couple photos – and who would have thought that His timing is always the perfect time.

Bringing my husband there last February 2019 and spending it with his family is one of the best times and hopefully one day, I get to call San Francisco my home.

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