Which Is The Right Sunblock For You?

  • November 13, 2019

Sun Protection is always in, especially now that Summer is in full force. Trust us, you don’t want the largest organ of your body get damaged. Protect it with the right sunblock! We break it down for you in this blog post.

For The All-Around Traveler: Beach Hut MAX 100++ SPF

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If you want the traditional lotion formula for an all-day activity under the sun, this one’s your best bet. However, unlike usual sunblock lotions, this one is quick-dry and mess-free that stays uber light on the skin.

For Beauty Guru: Beach Hut Face

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It has a combination of organic and inorganic sunscreens that give you double protection from the harmful rays of the sun, while staying ultra mild, hypoallergenic and light on the skin.

For The Hair-Obsessed: Beach Hut Hair & Scalp

Most people forget their hair and if you don’t want dry, brittle, and frizzy hair, get yourself a clear SPF! It keeps your locks soft and your scalp moisturized.

Tan It!: Beach HutTan and Protect

Yes, you can both protect your skin and get an envy-worthy tan! This one uses dry oil, which is less messy and less greasy than ordinary tanning oil.

For Fuss-Free Application: Beach Hut MAX 100++ Spray

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If you don’t want to bother squeezing a bottle for your sunscreen to come out, opt for a spray bottle instead. Same formula and same protection– just in an easier-to-use packaging.

For The Waves: Beach Hut Surfer’s Block Nose Coat

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Any surfers in the house? This one comes in four colors – Nude Light, Nude Dark, Electric Pink and Sea Blue. It’s made for sunburn-prone areas, so you can be protected from the sun’s harsh UV rays while surfing the waves.

Bonus: Beach Hut After Sun

Your skin needs most care after your Summer trip. Keep moisture locked in with this soothing gel for immediate relief from your sun-stressed skin.

Check out Beach Hut Sunblock and know more about the best sunblock for you!

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