Sunset Stories

Every sunset has a story to tell...

  • May 20, 2020

Memorable travel moments for me would be wherever I see sunsets in the most random places. Every sunset has a story to tell…

Batangas – One of the first few trips that I felt really free. Finally out of the box that I stayed for many years and it felt absolute freedom! You weren’t caged but you feel stuck – that kind of feeling.

Boracay – The kind of sunset that lingers would definitely be Boracay’s. It’s really unexplainable, it’s just really one of the best.

Coron – This very random trip that formed a bond between a group of friends turned family. The sunset scenes sealed that deal between us.

Okayama – Decided to visit my cousin living in Okayama, Japan. I went there alone and I was too anxious to get lost. Rode the Shinkansen and as I was getting off the train station, this sunset welcomed me. It was like a reward for braving to travel alone.

Osaka – The first time to visit an amusement park alone and this sunset gave a smile to my face and it felt like a pat on my back.

Perth – Had 3 flights to finally cross out this city from my bucketlist so I could visit a relative. The sunset greeted me with a cold breeze to tell me I did it. One city and one sunset at a time as I achieve my dreams.

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