How To Prepare For A Surfing Trip in Siargao

  • November 13, 2019

Surfing has outlasted its “trending” days and has now become a local past time of many. In the Philippines, most surfers go to Siargao (Surigao del Norte) to catch waves because they usually have the best. Here are some tips on what to prepare.

Protect yourself with Sunblock

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With the intense heat of Siargao, you need to be protected. Beach Hut sunblock actually has one of the best sunblocks around. They even have a special one for a surfing!

Make sure your board is in good condition

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If you’re renting a board the kuyas and ates have got this covered. Bottomline is, you need get it waxed so that it glides on the waves better.

Wear the right clothes

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It’s okay to wear your regular swimsuit, but if you want ultimate comfort and agility, a wetsuit is the best.

Pick a surf spot

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There are different surf spots in Siargao, the most famous one is Cloud 9, but you also need to know which one is the best for your experience/expertise level. Ask the locals and they will point you to the right direction.

Here are some of the surf breaks in Siargao.

Cloud 9 : It’s a powerful high-tide reef break that produces consistent barrels both left & right. For advanced surfers only.

Quicksilver: Located next to Cloud 9, this right-hand wave is smaller, but still breaks on the same shallow reef.

Stimpy’s: There are actually two breaks here, the inside one is larger. Best at low to mid tide.

Rock Island: It’s a sweet spot for photos with that giant rocky outcropping in the background.

Daku Reef: The current is strong though, so it can be a long paddle back after you catch one.

Cemetery: Located in front of an actual cemetery, it’s a long 15 minute paddle from shore. But if you’re willing to get out there, you’ll be rewarded with no crowd. Best at low tide.

G1: Many surfing classes go here, as well as locals, so it can be crowded.


Ask the best time to catch a wave

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Waves depend a lot on the weather, low tide, high tide, etc. The waves in Siargao can be dangerous, so remember to ask before you take your surfboard with you. Take all the necessary precautions, safety first!

Know all the emergency numbers

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If an emergency happens, it’s best to know where the nearest hospitals are, and if someone can take you there immediately. When you land at the airport, you’ll see all the important phone numbers to call when emergencies arise. You can also ask your hotel/hostel or the ates and kuyas in the area.

Now, are you ready to surf in Siargao?

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