Thailand for Two: Alyza Cruz Shares Her Inspired Trip to Thailand

  • November 13, 2019
Access Travel: Why do you travel?


Alyza Cruz: To create memories that will last a lifetime 

Access Travel: What did you love most about your trip?


Alyza Cruz: Everything about our trip! From the pre-trip arrangements till we finished the trip. We were not sure what to expect from this tour but were pleasantly surprised! The hotels and homestay were lovely and clean. The staff made our trip most enjoyable and everything was arranged very well for our convenience.


Access Travel: What is the one thing you won’t forget?


Alyza Cruz: PHUKET! I wished we stayed longer! 

Access Travel: What will come back for on this trip?


Alyza Cruz: Definitely Phi Phi! My kids would surely have the time of the time of their lives on the island, much like we did!


Access Travel: Did this trip inspire you in any way? How?


Alyza Cruz: The experience was just amazing. The generosity of the locals and team made me realize how smiles can go a long way.


Access Travel: Why do you think Filipinos should travel?



Alyza Cruz: To experience how can you feel at home in a foreign land


Access Travel: Any travel tips / hacks that you can share?


Alyza Cruz: Bring extra cash if you like to eat!


Access Travel: Why did you choose to travel with Access?


Alyza Cruz: I never hesitated in choosing #travelwithaccess. You guys gave me the best experience while staying in Thailand. And for Ms. Danica, who made this trip possible and reminding us every day of our itinerary. Two thumbs up!!!


Access Travel: Where do you want to go next?


Alyza Cruz: Europe, Japan, and Korea!



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