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If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere

  • May 20, 2020

New York, New York, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere they said. It has been my dream destination, since childhood. Though I have only spent five days in this great city, sure it left a place in my heart.

First of all this is not a love story but I wanted to share what was the highlight of this trip. July 24, 2019 was a gorgeous day in New York City. I was with my boyfriend and his family on this entire trip. Thought it was a regular ‘touristy’ day for us. Little did I know, my boyfriend was planning something else. The plan for the rest of the day was to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and check out D.U.M.B.O.

Gabriel was racing us over the bridge so we could make it to Brooklyn Bridge Park. Me being the tourist I am, I stopped over a hundred times to take pictures. Not knowing why he was racing us over the bridge so fast. I hurried up and we finally reached Brooklyn Bridge Park. It was gorgeous. We walked towards D.U.M.B.O and took in the city skyline views.

As soon as I turned to walk away to head to our next planned location, Gabriel took my hand and got down on one knee. Everything went blurry around me and all I could think is holy sh**, this is happening. You always hear girls talk about how magical and breathtaking that moment is and you never realize it until it happens to you.

Another favorite memory I have of New York is just walking along the streets and feeling like I was a part of it all. I mean, there are so many different types of people. I would see a businessman walk by in a 3-piece suit and a briefcase talking on his iPhone. Then I would see an Amish man walking by us. I loved this.

So, my idea of what was the greatest about New York City changed in the five days I was there. I realized why I loved it so much. It was just being there and being a part of it all, and the feeling that I belonged there. Because I think everyone fits in, in NYC. And of course, I didn’t leave NYC without a ring on my finger — got engaged in my dream destination.

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