Transforming the way you see the world through Access Expeditions

  • November 13, 2019

Wondering what makes our Access Expeditions package special? We’ve put together a quick primer on what it is and why you should book with us soon!

For discerning travelers

Established in 2017, Access Expeditions is Access Travel’s premier offer to discerning travelers craving for unique and immersive experiences. This type of package covers special destinations that most Filipinos dream about, destinations that transform the way you see the world.

Small and intimate groups

Access Travel’s President and CEO Angely Dub personally leads these tours, so you can hear her own travel stories and experiences on the road, plus travel and photography tips which you can incorporate in your own adventures. Access Expeditions are typically a smaller group than the usual tour groups, so you get to know your co-travelers while enjoying your destination at a more leisure pace.

Curated destinations

We’ve picked a number of thrilling, underrated destinations that most Filipinos haven’t seen yet, such as Iceland, New Zealand, and Morocco, but we also offer a couple of favorites such as Europe and Japan. With our extensive knowledge of the destinations and by partnering with seasoned local guides, we provide authentic and memorable experiences that add more value to your trip.

Book Access Expeditions in Japan or Access Expeditions in Europe until November 30 and get 300 USD discount plus free visa processing!

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