How to Deal with Travel Anxiety

  • November 13, 2019

Travel is often painted as a life-enriching, exciting activity you need to take on, but for others, traveling comes with a side of anxiety. Travel anxiety can take on different forms: it can be something similar as worrying about your safety while on the road, managing your travel companion’s travel expectations or stressing out over travel planning. Here we share a few tips on how you can minimize and manage your travel anxiety so you can make the most of your vacation.

Plan ahead

plan ahead

While you can’t control every single thing on your trip, you can reduce potentially unpleasant surprises if you give yourself time to research and plan ahead. Kick off your research with the basics, such as whether your destination requires you to get a visa, where to purchase travel insurance, when is the best season to visit your chosen destination or whether your preferred hotel will provide airport transfers.

Find inspiration and get excited

find inspo

travel inspo

For a person with anxiety, finding yourself clueless on what to do and where to go at a new destination will seem overwhelming. Log online and check out travel inspiration, so you can note which attractions, restaurants and tourist sights you’re interested in. You can also read up on travel tips, like which travel scams to keep an eye on or what to pack to your destination. You can even make good use of the Instagram’s latest feature, the save button!

Include a treat

huma island

treat yourself

When you’re mapping out your itinerary, include a travel indulgence that you can look forward to. For some, this might be a first class seat on your long-haul flight. Others will look into securing a suite in a their preferred hotel, or dining in a world-class restaurant, or booking a massage at a spa. Take your pick and treat yourself!

Be kind to yourself

be kind

Traveling gives you the freedom to enjoy a lot of things you might not necessarily do at home, such as eating a lot or going out at night. Take care of yourself the same way you would at home, so eat right and eat on time, stay hydrated, and get plenty of rest. Sticking to a regular schedule helps combat stress, relieve tension and will give you a sense of security.

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