Travel Essentials You Will Always Need

  • November 13, 2019

Off to somewhere soon? Get your pen ready and make sure these travel essentials are included in your checklist:

Travel documents

Prepare all the necessary travel documents before you leave the country. Process your passport at least two months to ensure that you have enough time to have it done. Take note that visa processing also takes time and money, so you have to check the procedures and requirements with the embassy of your chosen destination.
Not sure where to start? Give us a call and we can help you kick off you first trip!

Luggage and carry-on bag

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Invest in a sturdy suitcase and a good backpack like this one. It should survive getting tossed or scratched as this will bear the brunt of your trips. You can choose between a hard case or a soft case, but this will mostly be up to your preference. The important detail to look out for is it should come with wheels that spin 360 degrees, so you can push and pull it depending on your needs.

There’s also the option to use a backpack if you’re into mobility and you want to save up on luggage fees. Make sure you try it on to check if it fits your shoulders and hips snugly.

Toiletries and personal medicine

A small kit containing your sunblock, skincare, band-aids, a small bottle of alcohol, anti-bacterial hand wipes and medicine such as anti-histamine, anti-motion sickness, and even paracetamol should also be in your luggage. Aside from saving you sudden purchases, you’ll never know how your health will fare in a foreign country and it’s better to be armed with these than feeling sick and sorry.

Comfortable shoes

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This depends on the destination but if you want to go to the beach, make sure you bring water-resistant sandals. For a place with snow, bring boots. For a trip that requires a loooot of walking sneakers are a good option.

Travel insurance

This will cover the sudden emergencies on the road, such as delayed flights or lost luggage. It can also cover some medical emergencies, should you fall ill while you’re on the road. There are a lot of options and packages depending on your needs and how much peace of mind you would want. Access Travel can also process this for you, so you can send us an email at for inquiries.

All set? Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy your trip!

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