Traveler Feature: Caren Paranada

  • November 13, 2019

Caren Paranada shares her Maldives trip with us!

Why did you choose Access Travel and Tours?
I saw Access Travel’s Instagram account. We didn’t hesitate to inquire about the services, since it comes highly recommended.

What made you decide to take a trip to Maldives? What were the things you considered in picking this destination?

caren in maldivesWe love a good beach, so Maldives has been our dream destination. It was the perfect choice for me and my boyfriend, as we were celebrating our second anniversary! The trip is also our first trip abroad so we wanted to make good memories. Maldives surely didn’t disappoint on that one! We stayed in Six Senses Laamu, because we wanted a beautiful water villa equipped with quality amenities and room service.

Can you share with us some of your travel tips from your Maldives trip?

maldivesIt’s best to avoid the rainy season between May and June. It’s also quite a long trip from Manila to the Maldivian capital of Male, so you might find it comfortable to book business class. Maldives is very beautiful, so photography enthusiasts should bring their cameras for all those photo ops!

Please share with us some of your recommendations when in Maldives, such as sights or tourist attractions, must-do activities, restaurants or dishes to try, where to go souvenir shopping, etc.
There are plenty of activities to do like dolphin watching and snorkeling. If you get hungry, Six Senses serves up really satisfying dishes such as curry and pizza. When you want to wind down, we suggest booking a slot in their spa for the hotel’s signature massage.

What were your favorite experiences or moments from your Maldives trip?

caren in maldivesCouples will definitely find Maldives perfectly romantic. It’s the place to be for anyone who needs a luxurious break from everyday life. You’ll be pampered in every way, from the villa view to the excellent service and amenities.

What are your travel essentials?
Aside from the essentials such as enough cash and you passport, I also make sure I don’t forget to pack my gadgets and their respective chargers, some sanitizer to keep my hands clean and some medicine in case there’s a need for it.

What’s next on your travel bucket list?

six sensesMy boyfriend and I are planning to go to Keemala in Phuket later in October. We’re also hoping to visit Hawaii next year!

*Lightly edited for conciseness

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