Traveler Feature: Cecilia Family

  • November 13, 2019

Joyce Cecilia shares their recent family trip to New Zealand, where they discovered scenic landscapes, Māori culture and priceless moments worth remembering.

Why did you choose Access Travel and Tours?

I’ve tried a few different travel agencies and I just wanted to try a new one to see which will offer better service. The influence of local celebrities on their social media accounts also helped in choosing Access Travel. 

What made you decide to take a family trip to New Zealand? What were the things you considered when you picked the destination, or as you planned the trip?

We wanted somewhere where it is more of nature friendly and laid back. New Zealand is known for its scenic landscapes so it was just perfect. 

Can you share with us some of your travel tips based on this trip?

Make a checklist for packing so that you won’t forget anything. And, always check the weather updates so you will know what to wear and what to expect during the day. 

Please share with us some of your recommendations when traveling around New Zealand.

Visit their beaches such as Murawai and trail the Arataki Visitor Centre. Stroll around Queen Street to look for the best finds. 

You should also try their fish and chips, hokey pokey flavored anything and don’t forget Whittaker’s, one of the best chocolates ever! 

What were your favorite experiences or moments from your New Zealand trip?

One of my favorite experiences in our trip has got to be our visit in the Waitomo Glowworm Caves. It was definitely an unbelievable experience – seeing the worms glowing on the ceiling of the caves looked surreal.

Another would be the cultural dinner where they introduced the Māori culture and their cuisine. It’s something unique and interesting! 

What are your travel essentials?

Camera, to take photos of those priceless moments; comfy and stylish clothes; and good company!

What’s next on your travel bucket list?

Hopefully South Africa!

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