Traveler Feature: Cherry Ann Camasura Travels Solo in Bali

  • November 13, 2019

Why do you travel?

I travel because I want to see other places, learn other cultures and be amazed at God’s creation.

What did you love most about your trip?

I love everything except the bed bug bites in my hotel room. But from the person who arranged my trip “Danica” up to the tour guide/driver “Bawa and Mana”, to the places/sites and people in Bali and of course the food, everything is awesome. I traveled alone and I felt safe there. Thank you!

What’s the one thing you won’t forget?

The experience that I traveled alone and kept safe during the entire duration of my stay. So, I can now do this again.

What will you come back for on this trip?

Definitely the people, their culture, and the place.

Did this trip inspire you in any way? How?

Yes, indeed. Just so amazed at the beautiful island of Bali. My tour guide was very helpful and took a lot of beautiful pictures of me 😉

Why do you think Filipinos should travel?

To see other places and socialize with other nationality

Any travel tips you’d like to share?

Just always bring sunblock 😜

Why did you choose to #travelwithaccess?

I found this on Instagram thru some popular actress here in the Philippines and I thought I should give it a try. No regrets indeed. It was an unforgettable experience.

What are the places in your travel bucket list?

Oh, I have a lot. But I’ll name a few in Asia. I want to go to Cambodia, Nepal, Thailand, Japan, South Korea and Bali again

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