Traveler Feature: Janette David-Reyes

  • November 13, 2019

Access Travel and Tours client Janette David-Reyes talks about discovering her heritage in Spain, seeing Prince Albert of Monaco by chance and falling in love with Italy.

Why did you choose Access Travel and Tours for your trip?

I chose Access Travel and Tours because the one who handled my account, Jerina Carpio, was very well-informed. She was punctual in getting back to me regarding my queries and she’s very professional and accommodating too. I also met their boss, Angely, who seemed very nice as well and very passionate at what she does. 

Shoutout too to our Tour Director at Cosmos Tours, Billy Giuliana, who made sure that each destination would be memorable for everyone; everything was organized and well taken cared of. Access Travel and Cosmos Tours are superb partners for an awesome trip!

What made you decide to take a trip to Europe? What were the things you considered when you picked this destination, or as you planned the trip?

cuenca spain

I recently discovered that I had a great grandfather who was half-Spaniard and so I had this desire to go to Spain and experience my heritage first-hand. It was more of touching base with my roots.


And then, I wanted to see South of France, particularly Nice, to check out their beach along the famous Promenade Des Anglais.


The last country in our itinerary was Italy. My 9-year old son, who traveled with my husband and me, had always wanted to see Venice and ride in a gondola. All three of us loved all the pasta, pizza, wine, and gelato that Italy had to offer.  

Can you share with us some of your travel tips based on this trip?

Europe’s spring-summer weather can get extremely cold or extremely warm, so bring clothes that you can mix and match, items that you can layer.


You should also bring a pair of strappy sandals whose heels are not too high for those nights when you need to get dressed for dinner. I was so tempted to just bring comfy slip ons and sneakers but I was so glad I added the strappy sandals the last minute.

Lastly, bring makeup that are fuss free, long lasting, and those that register well in the camera. You’d want to look great all the time (with almost no retouch needed) in all your photos of course.

And one more thing, beware of pick pockets. They’re everywhere in Europe! 

What are your recommendations when traveling around in Europe?


In Spain, don’t forget to check out Tablao Flamenco Cordobes in La Rambla, Barcelona. They have really good tapas, paella and sangria and the best flamenco dancers perform there too. It’s a must see. 

When in France, I highly recommend that you visit Monaco as well. It exudes a whole new level of prestige and elegance; something that you don’t get to see everyday. 

In Italy, Venice blew me away. It was  like living in a dream. Try going to Piazza Di San Marco at night. The ambience is a lot better, with the live music playing in the background. We all fell in love with the place.

What were your favorite experiences or moments from your trip?

I have so many favorite moments during the trip, it’s just impossible to list them all but the following are the best:


When I dipped my toes in the Mediterranean Sea in Peniscola, Spain. That was surreal. 

When we saw by chance, Prince Albert himself, in Monaco. And being a big fan of Princess Grace Kelly, I saw the church where she got married. That’s like 2 items off my bucket list! 

renewal of vows

And of course, the moment that topped my fave list was when my husband and I had our renewal of vows at St. Peter’s Basilica. We’ll never forget that for the rest of our lives. 

What are your travel essentials?

My travel essentials, aside from classic and comfy clothes, would be my Carmex lip balm, L’occitane hand cream, hand sanitizer, wipes, small liquid soap, toothbrush, phone, shades, and a good book. They’re all with me especially in long haul flights. 

What’s next on your travel list?

Next stop on my travel bucket list is London or Greece. 

*Lightly edited for conciseness

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