Why Traveling is a Lifetime Investment

  • November 13, 2019

Traveling is commonly perceived as a type of luxury that only a few can afford. Often times, it is seen as an unnecessary splurge. This misguided belief bring in the fear that traveling may only be a waste of money. However, when you think about it, traveling is the complete opposite—it’s actually a lifetime investment. At the end of the day, all the things that you earn from a travel is truly worth more than money.

If you need a little more push, check out our reasons why we believe traveling is an investment, and is something that you should do this coming season of ‘Ber’ months:

It’s Food for the Mind and Soul


Traveling has the power to beef your mind with knowledge, and feed your soul with calming peace. It helps us make sense of what truly matters in life, and at the same time, encourages us to backtrack on everything we focus our energy on. Just like how traveling to Bhutan can help you cleanse yourself from all the negativity you carry, and can remind you that happiness is truly a treasure for life.

You’ll Get to Take the Best Photos

Selfies? Group pictures? Drone shots? Whatever it may be, you’ll definitely take the best kinds of picture when you travel—the best part is you get to bring these pictures with you wherever you go! Moreover, you also get to share with your friends, followers, and family your favorite snapshots, maybe that’ll even inspire them to travel, too. When you go Batanes, prepare yourself for the most beautiful landscapes that you just can’t help but take pictures of!

Broadens Your Knowledge About Culture


It is through traveling that you get to fully immerse yourself in a country’s culture. This helps you understand better why they uphold specific beliefs, and why they choose to live a certain kind of lifestyle. In a way, this makes you more open-minded, helps you embrace different cultural ideals. In Myanmar, you’ll get to learn a lot about the Burmese culture and how they were influenced greatly by different factors.

Bring Home Authentic Souvenirs


Buying mementos is always on a travel checklist! Once in a while, it’s actually nice to see these souvenirs back at home for they can take you back to that wonderful travel experience. Also, you can go buy different keepsakes from different places to surprise and give to your loved ones. Traveling to Nepal, you can get a lot of great finds that are perfect for bringing back home!

Meet and Learn About the Locals

More than the places, it’s also the faces! Meeting locals is a travel must! Learning their stories, understanding their culture, and establishing a strong bond with them all help in seeing a place through their eyes. Of course, making new friends during a travel is a plus! For example, Japanese people are truly one of the most vibrant in the world, and are those who also make the best of friends!

See Things You’ve Never Thought You Would

Traveling is an experience that helps you see how truly beautiful the world is. From natural sceneries to man-made landmarks, the world is definitely full of places and corners just waiting to be discovered! Feast your eyes on some of the best things this life can offer. When you go to Cambodia, do yourself a favor and go check out the beauty that is Angkor Wat!

Create Great Memories with Your Friends and Family

The best part of traveling is when you get to create the greatest memories with the people close to your heart! Truly, reminiscing a travel is always more nostalgic when it includes certain recollections with your family and friends. Sharing these experiences with them is definitely something you can’t put a price tag on—just like simply chilling out by the Romblon shore with your friends is enough to make you feel like a millionaire!

Let us help you make your travel the greatest investment! #TravelWithAccess to anywhere in the world, and we’ll make sure to give you an experience of a lifetime that is worth every penny you spend. Check out our suggested itineraries to make your Ber months more amazing: Access Travel – Suggested Itineraries

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